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LJCD 5262
Sudden Meeting
"Second Occasion"

Susanna Lindeborg kb/electronics
Thomas Fanto bass, electronics
Michael Andersson dr, perc, electronics

Sudden Meeting from the westcoast of Sweden made 2014 a double CD, Sudden Meeting, on quartet with tenor saxophonist Ove Johansson. After his passing away now comes a trio recording. You could call it electronic free form.

LJCD 5261
Natural Artefacts
“The Crux”

Merje Kägu guitar
Susanna Lindeborg piano/electronics
Per Anders Nilsson exPressurePad/electronics
Anton Jonsson perc

LJCD 5260
Mwendo Dawa Trio
“Silent Voice”

Susanna Lindeborg piano/electronics
Jimmi Roger Pedersen bass/electronics
David Sundby, drums

LJCD 5259
Ove Johansson
“Tenorsaxophone Solo 7CD”

Ove Johansson

Ove Johansson presents a CD box with 7CDs.
The box consists of five soloconcerts of just under one hour
and two CDs with short improvisations.

LJCD 5258
Natural Artefacts
“California Connection”
Per Anders Nilsson electronics
Susanna Lindeborg p, electronics
Ove Johansson ts, EWI, electronics
+ guests
Gino Robair perc, electronics
Tim Perkis electronics

Recorded during a tour to California with the two American guests. The first 40 minutes is live from a concert at CNMAT, Berkeley University, the rest is recorded in studio the same day.

LJCD 5257
Sudden Meeting

Susanna Lindeborg kb, electronics
Ove Johansson ts, EWI, electronics
Thomas Fanto bass, electronics
Michael Andersson dr, perc, electronics

A sudden meeting with four musicians from the west coast of Sweden. Three sessions, improvised, which to this doubleCD.

LJCD 5256
Mwendo Dawa
“Mwendo Dawa Music”

SUSANNA LINDEBORG, piano/keyb/laptop
OVE JOHANSSON, tenorsax/EWI/laptop

MWENDO DAWA MUSIC - the title describes the personal and recognizable sound of MWENDO DAWA. Despite its long existence MWENDO DAWA still is a force into todays new music both in expression, technique and instrumental control. Jazz - freeform - fusion - avant garde - electro acoustic music - but foremost exciting and unpredictable music. Provocative? Challenging? Creative? - The music is definately not halfhearted and wants to give the audience a challenge - which once was the soul of Jazz. Improvised music where live electronics smoothely integrates with the acoustic instruments. Music that requires concentrated listening, but also music with a great portion of humour and exciting ideas.

LJCD 5255
Look Right

Lisa Ullén, piano
Nina de Heney,
Okkyung Lee,

LJCD 5254
Sten Sandell
“Music inside the language”

Sten Sandell Piano, voice
Nina de Heney Bass, voice
Sofia Jernberg Voice
David Stackenäs Guitar
Amit Sen Cello

Box with 3 CDs - solo, trio and booklet with music, text and images
LJCD 5253

Lindeborg/Johansson Duo
“Thoughtful World”

Susanna Lindeborg Piano/sounddesign
Ove Johansson, Tenorsaxophone / soundworks / EWI

Their foremost sign is to all the time keep moving on for developing their music.
LJCD 5252

Susanna Lindeborg

Susanna Lindeborg Piano/sounddesign

Excursions presents the third soloCD of Susanna Lindeborg in sparkling personal piano improvisations. A couple of tracks combined with electro acoustical back grounds.
LJCD 5251

Ove Johansson

Ove Johansson,

Here he uses sound combinations as chord changes or mixed with electro acoustic sound design, all in the spirit of improvisation.
LJCD 5250

lars-erik norrström trio

Lars-Erik Norrström, piano, keyb
Terje Sundby, dr, perc
Owe Almgren, electric bass

The music is a symbiosis of Norrström’s compositions and the free improvisations by the trio, rolled out from a skein with many elements: Swedish folk music, free improvised electric jazz, European art music, with the whole jazz history as an important basis.

LJCD 5249
Lisa Ullén & Nina de Heney

Lisa Ullén’s & Nina de Heney’s music presented on this double album is a collection of music
and sound sculptures, performed as instant compositions : expressive, precise and
minimalistic pieces, maybe carved in ice, wood, stone or bone. Made to last for centuries, or to
melt within a day.

Lisa Ullén, Piano, prepared piano
Nina de Heney, Bass
LJCD 5248
Susanna Lindeborg´s
Mwendo Dawa

Experience Mwendo Dawa! Jazz - freeform - fusion -avant garde - electro acoustic music or just Mwendo Dawa!

Susanna Lindeborg, piano, laptop
Ove Johansson, tenorsax, EWI, laptop
Jimmi Roger Pedersen, bass, laptop
David Sundby, drums

LJCD 5247
duo pantoMorf

duo pantoMorf plays electronic free impro - they perform improvised electronic music as musicians, NOT looking like they are checking e-mail on stage.

Palle Dahlstedt: Nordmodular G2
Per Anders Nilsson: Nordmodular G2

LJCD 5246
de Heney-Hug-Jormin trio
"acoustic electronics"

This international trio from Switzerland and Sweden has a definite sound: polyrythmic layers of disintegrated melodies, strings unleashed, sometimes close to acoustic electronics. A dynamic, intensive, ever moving web of tentacular sound structures.

Nina de Heney: Bass
Charlotte Hug: Viola
Christian Jormin:

LJCD 5245
lars erik norrström trio
“poetic licence”

The music is a symbiosis of Norrström's compositions and the free improvisations by the trio. It has intense, energetic and dynamic ensemble playing, with rapidly changing musical sceneries.

Lars-Erik Norrström: piano, keyboards
Terje Sundby: drums
Owe Almgren: electric bass.

LJCD 5244
Susanna Lindeborg´s
Mwendo Dawa
”live at fasching”

Unique direct mixed live recording at jazzcluub fasching in Stockkholm.

Susanna Lindeborg: piano / keyb./ laptop
Ove Johansson: tenorsax / ewi / laptop
Jimmi Roger Pedersen: bass / laptop
David Sundby: drums

LJCD 5243

Sten Sandell
”music in the world of sten sandell”

Contemporary ethnic music from the baltic sea with sten sandell.
With his new solo album he explores a new land full of short songs for piano and voice and electronic landscapes from the north…

Sten Sandell piano voice electronic

LJCD 5242
Christer Bothén Trio

Christer Bothén: Bass Clarinet, Doso n´Goni,Kamale n´Goni, Guimbri.
David Stackenäs: Guitars & low budget electronics
Peter Söderberg: Teorb, lute, guitar & low budget electronics

There is no real screaming or roaring about here. Instead the small sounds open up and reveal their inner construction and richness.

LJCD 5241
Natural Artefacts
Like Jazz

Per Anders Nilsson: computer and Max/MSP programming
Ove Johansson: tenor sax, computer
Susanna Lindeborg: piano, computer

Electro acoustic music, ambience, serial music, free improvisation and techno make ground for the music of Natural Artefacts.


Susanna Lindeborg: piano / keyb./ laptop
Ove Johansson: tenorsax / ewi / laptop

Lines are totally free improvised and freely expressed

LJCD 5239
Ove Johansson
Music from Steninge

Ove Johansson: tenorsaxophone and EWI

Improvisations and Sounddesign.
Jazzmusic of our time

LJCD 5238
Lars-Erik Norrström Trio
Still alive

Lars-Erik Norrström: Piano/keyb.
Owe Almgren: Bass
Terje Sundby: Drums

LJCD 5237
Sten Sandell

Sten Sandell: voice, elektroniks, piano, harmonium
Amit Sen: cello

Sten Sandell's soloalbum tells us stories, songs void of words, from different places and different kinds of rooms

LJCD 5236
Torben Waldorff

Torben Waldorff: Guitar
Mattias Svensson: Bass
Karl-Martin Almqvist: Tenorsax
P-A Tollbom: Drums

A new generation of musicians not afraid to blend old and new ideas in todays jazzmusic.

LJCD 5235
Sandell Duo

strings and objects

Per Anders Nilsson
Real time processing, Max/MSP programming
and sound design.

Sten Sandell
Piano, prepared piano, voice and
electronic sounds. One of the ideas with this project
was to integrate free improvised music
with musique concrète

LJCD 5234
Susanna Lindeborg's
Mwendo Dawa
Time sign

Susanna Lindeborg: Piano / Keyboard. 
Ove Johansson: Tenorsax / EWI / Computer
Jimmi Roger Pedersen: Bass 
David Sundby: Drums

One way to discover time signs in contemporary acoustic and electronic Jazzmusic combined with soundsculpting improvisations in real time.

LJCD 5233
Lars-Erik Norrström Trio

Lars-Erik Norrström: Piano/keyb.
Bruno Råberg: Bass
Terje Sundby: Drums

The music on this second album emanates from a symbiosis of Norrströms compositions and the free improvisations by the trio. It is marked by an intense, energetic and dynamic ensemble playing, with a great sense for nuances and for rapidly changing musical sceneries.

LJCD 5232
ICMC 2002 Göteborg
ICMC-International Computer Music Conference

LJ Records presents in cooperation with ICMC 2002 in Göteborg seven compositions on this CD. The music represents the latest developements intenationally in electro acoustic music, computer music and live electronics. These compositions have been selected by a jury to be presented on this CD of ICMC 2002.

LJCD 5231
Ove Johansson 
Logic Steps

Ove Johansson: Tenorsaxophone/EWI

Compositions for Tenorsaxophone improvisations with backgrounds of EWI improvisations and electronic soundsculpting.

LJCD 5230
Christer Bothén Acoustic ensemble
7 pieces

Christer Bothén: Bass Clarinet
Kjell Nordeson: Vibraphone
David Stackenäs: Guitar
Johan Berthling: Bass
Paal Nilssen-Love: Drums

Strong personal voices in the field between the abstract and the figurative.

LJCD 5229
Susanna Lindeborg 
Key Paintings

Susanna Lindeborg: Piano

Sparkling piano improvisations in many colours of a great artist. A couple of tracks combined with electro acoustic sounds.

LJCD 5228
Natural Artefacts

Susanna Lindeborg: piano
Per Anders Nilsson: computer
Ove Johansson: tenorsaxophone.

Natural Artefacts addresses the following questions: what is real, what is artificial, when is now, is there a definite border between real and artificial, when do you cross the border?

LJCD 5227
Sound of choice
Back Street Theatre

Hasse Poulsen: guitars
Fredrik Lundin: saxophones
Lars Juul: drums

Back Street Theatre is a little place hidden in a short dead end street. It is not big, but there is always something going on.

LJCD 5226
Sten Sandell solo
bio elektrika

Sten Sandell: voice and electronic sounds.

Electro biological solo-flights. Voices meeting techno.

LJCD 5225
Susanna Lindeborg´s
Mwendo Dawa
Live in Göteborg

Susanna Lindeborg: Piano/keyboard
Ove Johansson: Tenorsaxophone / EWI
Jimmi Roger Pedersen: Bass
David Sundby: Drums

Acoustic instruments mixed with selected electroacoustic sounds.

LJCD 5224
berthling / ljungkvist / sandell

Johan Berthling: Bass, 
Fredrik Ljungkvist: Saxophones/clar.
Sten Sandell: Piano

The polytonal freedom is here, magic Live - recording from Umeå Jazzfestival

LJCD 5223
Lars-Erik Norrström
idag (today)

Lars-Erik Norrström: Piano/keyb.,
Bruno Råberg: Bass, 
Terje Sundby: Drums

The music emanates from a symbiosis of Norrström´s compositions and the free improvisations by the trio. It is marked by an intense, energetic and dynamic ensemble playing, with a great sense for nuances and for rapidly changing musical sceneries.
5222.jpg (2601 bytes)
LJCD 5222
Lindeborg / Johansson Duo

Susanna Lindeborg: Piano / keyb.
Ove Johansson: Tenorsaxophone / EWI

Musical opinions and experiences in composition, straight and free Jazzimprovisation. Acoustic and electronic meeting in a different way perhaps?
5221.jpg (4201 bytes)
LJCD 5221
Torben Waldorff / No Bass
Hello world

Torben Waldorff: Guitar
Maggi Olin: Keyboards
Henrik Frisk: Ten / bascl
P A Tollbom: Drums

The NO BASS setting is a path to achieve a group sound in which the nerve and communication of an intimate and vital interplay is at the center of importance.
5220.jpg (2537 bytes)
LJCD 5220
Krister Jonsson Trio
I´ll stay out here and talk to harry

Krister Jonsson: Guitar
Mattias Svensson: Bass
Peter Danemo: Drums

New young group with a lot of energy and new concepts in Jazz of our time.
5219.jpg (4828 bytes)
LJCD 5219
Biggi Vinkeloe Trio
Slowdrags and interludes

Biggi Vinkeloe: Altosaxophone/flute
Peter Kowald: Bass
Peeter Uuskyla: Drums

Music of three strong personalities and their great experiences in Art Music.

LJCD 5218

Mikael Forsman: Guitar
Bo Wiklund: Keyboards
Johnny Enqvist: Ten / sop. sax
Johan Ulander: Guitar / bas
David Sundby: Drums
Göran Kroon: Percussion.

The new experience from Sweden

LJCD 5217
Susanna Lindeborg´s
Mwendo Dawa
Breathing Clusters

Susanna Lindeborg: Piano / keyb
Ove Johansson: Tenorsax / EWI
Jimmi Roger Pedersen: Bass
David Sundby: Drums

Direct mix to dat, to get a Live feeling in the studio.

LJCD 5216
Sten Sandell
Behind the Chords

Sten Sandell: Piano, voice, harmonium, synthesizer, sampler

Great Swedish improviser and composer.
His ideas are sharply defined and spaced out within tightly focused pieceswhich are all selfpenned.

LJCD 5215
Entra in Concert

Staffan Svensson: Trumpet.
Anders Jormin: Bass.
Audun Kleive: Drums.
Harald Svensson: Keyboard.
Thomas Gustafson: Saxophones.

Live concerts recorded during a tour through Sweden in '96. A unique mix between composed music and improvisation - all with a significant nordic sound.

LJCD 5214
Ove Johansson
Solo in a different world

Ove Johansson: Tenorsaxophone / EWI / Soundsculpt.

Acoustic and electronic jazzimprovisations together with serial composed backgrounds of electroacoustical character.

LJCD 5213
For the time being

Staffan Svensson: Trumpet / perc.
Bo Wiklund: Piano / keyb.
Per Ekblad: Drums / perc.

The group SURGE is an ensamble one of its kind creating its own path in modern improvised music, with new sounds and forms in creating contemporary music.

LJCD 5212
Jormin / Gustafsson / Jormin
Opus Apus

Christian Jormin: Drums / perc
Mats Gustafsson: Tenor- and baritone saxophones, flutephone, flute
Anders Jormin: Bass, cello

Three individuals from different musical environments establish new grounds for modern improvised music where jazz and free music meet. The original cover painting is cut in 1000 pieces and each CD contains a signed original.

LJCD 5211
Susanna Lindeborg's
Mwendo Dawa
Enter the outloop

Susanna Lindeborg: Piano / keyb.
Ove Johansson: Tenorsax / EWI
Jimmi Roger Pedersen: Bass
David Sundby: Drums

Direct mix to dat, to get a Live feeling in the studio. Some compositions are based on uncomplicated twelve tone technique and some are free improvisations over backgrounds of electroacoustical character. Recorded August 1995.

LJCD 5210
Ord på golvet
(Words on the floor)

Joakim Milder: Saxophone
Tobias Sjögren: Guitar
Johannes Lundberg: Bass
Gunnar Ekelöf: Voice

Improvisations together with poem fragments by famous Swedish poet Gunnar Ekelöf (1907-1968). No need to understand Swedish - his voice is an instrument. A new generation Swedish jazz musicians that take care of contemporary Swedish culture. The voice of Gunnar Ekelöf is from the archives of the Swedish Broadcasting.

LJCD 5209
Biggi Vinkeloe Trio

Biggi Vinkeloe: Alto sax/Flut
Barre Phillips: Bass
Peeter Uuskyla: Drums

This music is unique because it would be impossible without these special musicians,unique because it is impossible and unthinkable to repeat this performance.

LJCD 5208
Susanna Lindeborg
Mwendo Dawa
The new Scene

Susanna Lindeborg: Piano / keyboard
Ove Johansson: Tenorsax / EWI
Sergei Muchin: Bass
David Sundby: Drums

A delicate mix of the sound of acoustic instruments, synthesizers and samplers.

LJCD 5207
P.A. Nilsson
Random Rhapsody

P.A. Nilsson: Saxophones
Karin Krog: Voice
Anders Jormin: Bass
Peeter Uuskyla: Drums

Virtual group with Human beings, fractalcomposed music, Virtual Chaos Band and the great Swedish singer Jussi Björling sampled.

LJCD 5206
Lars-Erik Norrström
Let's take another dream

Lars-Erik Norrström: Piano/synth. Composer and keyboardvirtous.

Lars-Erik Norrström presents compositions on a very high level. This CD also contains Live controlled computer improvisations.
Visit homepage of Lars-Erik Norrström.

LJCD 5205

Staffan Svensson: Trumpet
Anders Jormin: Bass
Audun Kleive: Drums
Harald Svensson: Piano
Thomas Gustafson: Saxophones.

ENTRA´s music has a very strong Scandinavian touch. ENTRA is the nordic light in contemporary music.

LJCD 5204
Lindeborg /Johansson Duo
Bright openings

Susanna Lindeborg: Piano
Ove Johansson: Tenorsaxophone

Piano and saxophone in acoustic compositions, also combined with samplers, synths and computer.

LJCD 5203
Mwendo Dawa
Live is here again

Susanna Lindeborg: Piano / keyboard
Ove Johansson: Tenorsax / EWI
Sergei Muchin: Bass
David Sundby: Drums

Four strong personalities create a group sound highly appreciated in several parts of the world.

LJCD 5202
Ove Johansson

Ove Johansson: Tenorsaxophone / EWI

Sax and EWI (electric wind instrument) mixed with sequencer controlled synthesizers and samplers.

LJCD 5201
Susanna Lindeborg

Susanna Lindeborg: Piano and synthesizer

Acoustic and electronic improvised music by one of the most gifted pianists in Sweden.