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Susanna Lindeborg, piano and keyboard, started her professional musical career at the middle of the 70th. From her classical upbringing she turned into work with jazz and improvisation, which showed to be her right element. The thing you first think of together with Susanna Lindeborg is her work with the mix of acoustic and electronic instruments, which has been known most of all through the group MWENDO DAWA, which she is the leader of together with saxophone player Ove Johansson. Mwendo Dawa has been succesfully touring in 22 countries in Europe, North and South America and China performing at festivals like Montreux, Northsea and Montreal. 

The past few years she has been regularly visiting USA and Canada with Mwendo Dawa. Susanna also writes a lot of the repertoire for the group. Besides Mwendo Dawa Susanna Lindeborg toured a great deal with the female jazz group Salamander during the beginning of the 80th. Salamander arouse a lot of attention on the European continent and in USA and Susanna came to tour a lot internationally with these two groups.

Today you can also hear her in the Lindeborg/Johansson Duo and Natural Artefacts. Susanna has been touring with Natural Artefacts and LJDuo with performances both in the world of improvisation music as well as the world of electro acoustic music. She also is doing solo improvisations together with her computers doing electroacoustical backgrounds.

Susanna Lindeborg writes her own music and some of this got profiled when she released her first soloCD 1989. The CD got a lot of attention and gave her some work for instance in Germany with some radio and TV recordings.

Susanna with her blonde appearance showed to hide a volcano under the surface. Where can you today hear piano better played than this?
Folket, Sweden

There are few keyboard players that approach the synthesizer with such a power as Susanna Lindeborg.
Nye Takter, Norway

Susanna Lindeborg showed not to be only a superb instrumentalist but she also shows to be a magnificent talent of composing.
Jazz Podium, Germany

It is great that she - a lone woman - can create just that supplement of sounds and harmonics which she thinks the (very beautifully recorded) good old sounds of grand piano shall be accompanied by. It is lovely to receive noble analogue nice sounds together with the machines keeping other colourings in the background, or the opposite.
Anders Kirkegaard, JazzSpecial Denmark

Susanna Lindeborg is a refreshingly original voice that easily holds the listener´s attention for a full-length solo album: not an easy feat.
Steven Loewy, Cadence, USA

Selected diskografics:

Mwendo Dawa

"Basic Lines"

Sonet SLP2634

  "Bright Openings" LJRecords LJCD5204
"Live at Montreux Jazzfestival"

Dragon DRLP28

  "Structures" LJRecords LJCD5222
"Mwendo Dawa 80"

Dragon DRLP30

  "Lines" LJRecords LJCD5240
"Free Lines"

Dragon DRLP33

  ”Thoughtful World” LJRecords LJCD5253
"New York Lines"

Dragon DRLP41

"Four Voices"

Dragon DRLP47

"Street Lines"

Dragon DRLP72

  "Natural Artefacts" LJRecords LJCD5228
"Mwendo Dawa at Northsea Jazzf"

Dragon DRLP78

  "Like Jazz" LJRecords LJCD5241
"City Beat"

Dragon DRLP92

  "California Connection" LJRecords LJCD5258

Dragon DRLP123

"Human Walk"

Dragon DRLP155

  "Susanna Lindeborg solo" LJRecords LJCD5201
"Live is here again"

LJRecords LJCD5203

  "Key Paintings" LJRecords LJCD5229
"The New Scene"

LJRecords LJCD5208

  Sample from Key Paintings (mp3)  
"Breathing Clusters"

LJRecords LJCD5211

  “Excursions” LJRecords LJCD5252
"Enter the Outloop" LJRecords LJCD5217   Sample from Excursions (mp3)  
"Live in Göteborg"  LJRecords LJCD5225      
"Time Sign" LJRecords LJCD5234   Electronic Quartet  
"Live at Fasching" LJRecords LJCD5244 "Sudden Meeting" LJRecords LJCD5257
"A taste of four free minds" LJRecords LJCD5248
"Mwendo Dawa Music" LJRecords LJCD5256


"Susanna Lindeborg solo" "Key Paintings" “Excursions”  



LJCD5201 LJCD5229 LJCD5252  


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